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shreshtho's debut Empty shreshtho's debut

Post by shreshtho on Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:18 pm

Isaac Murrock- The young wrestler Shreshtho is making his debut today.he is coming towards the ring we will see his debut next...

With a big bang and lightning stoke at the corner of the ring Shreshtho enters the ring.
Isaac Murrock- wow he is strong and smart

Shreshtho walks down to the ring holding a mic, waving to the crowd whilst they are cheering him on

Shreshtho- Hello everyone . i am shreshtho the new wrestler of RWC.I will crash the bone of the wrestlers who stands in my way...

Isaac Murrock-He is kinda rude ,i think but have a cool style and nice voice.
Shreshtho-My debut match is verses The Crowing , he can be strong but i will defeat him and i will not lose in my debut match i will win anyway whatever it takes .
Crowd cheers

Shreshtho -And he will be beware of me now .He can be the strongest but luckiest man will take the victory and and i am the luckiest man.I will make him K.O him with my signature move and the end i will defeat him with my Diving Slash.

Crowd cheers Shreshtho ....Shreshtho...

Isaac Murrock-I can't wait to see the debut of Shreshtho.

Shreshtho-I know i will win and i promise u people, The crowing will be destroyed by me.


Suddenly the lights goes off The crowing enters the arena-

Isaac murrock-Oh my god the The crowing is here ...this is going to be awesome.

The crowing - U think u can defeat me? Do u know how strong i am??

Fans of the crowing cheers

Shreshtho smiles and graps microphone again.

Shreshtho-I don't care who is strong . Spirit is everything.

WHAT THE HELL!!! The Crowing drops the microphone runs towards the ring and stared to fight.

Isaac Murrock-this is going to be a epic fight .
Shreshtho somehow counters with a Diving Slash!!! he graps crowing's feet and throws him on the rope with an rocket launcher

Isaac Murrock - Incredible .The crowing can't even move .he is bleeding and lying in the mat .
Shreshtho graps a steel chair from the arena.

Isaac Murrock-Oh no!don't do this Shreshtho The crowing is defends less now

Shreshtho drops the chair from hand, holds a microphone

Shresh-I show u some kindness .But i will destroy you in the match .Tonighttttt
Shreshtho get out of the arena

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