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Post by The Kingpin on Sat Apr 20, 2013 8:44 am

The camera heads backstage as The Kingpin is talking on the phone

Ok...yea I understand...uh fine

A mysterious wrestler storms into the GM office

???: My name is King FoW and I am ready to take my rightful place as a champion in RWC. Not a pitiful jobber fighting matches for his next meal. I deserve,demand and expect more.

The Kingpin seems digusted and enraged at this persons attitude but then smiles

The Kingpin: You remind me alot of myself back in BWF. Oh who am I kidding...Im still the same guy.

The two men shake hands

The Kingpin: Consider it done my friend...consider it done. Just wait till next week

The screen fades to black as the two men are left laughing hysterically in the GM office

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