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Post by TheCrowing on Sun Apr 21, 2013 5:46 am

Name - Claudio "The Crowing" Lee
Alignment - Neutral
Age - 24
Entrance theme-"Coheed and Cambria: Crossing the Frame"
Finisher -Fall of the House Atlantic
Trademark(s) - Welcome Home
Taunt - Open Arm stance (ex. Randy Orton entrance)
Interested in - Redemption, Progression, Money
Biography - Naturally a passive person. Claudio grew up a unusually troubled childhood. Constantly bullied in school, and jumping homes for behavior problems. He eventually learned instead of running from, or causing other problems as distractions to his current, that he'd confront them head on. Not necessarily a good or bad wrestler, but will jump in when needed, especially against large numbers.
(Essentially, a one man "The Shield")


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