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Post by shreshtho on Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:38 pm


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RP Format For RWC Empty RP Format For RWC

Post by The Kingpin on Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:21 am

This is an action. This part is italic and white and shows what your wrestler is currently doing. Ex. (Wrestler) walks down to the ring holding a mic, waving to the crowd whilst they are cheering him/her on.

[Your Wrestler]: This is your wrestler's speech. This can be any color you want, though make it a brighter color(thanks to our dark background). Also, bold it to make the speech stand out.

It is useful to put a lot of action sections as they put in a lot of imagery to your RP so others can picture exactly what you're doing.

[Other]: If you want, you can also use other wrestlers or NPCs to expand your RP. It is recommended to put the other wrestler's speech in a different color than your own (NPCs have their own colors). Don't forget to use boldness to make the speech stand out. In regards to other wrestlers, you can ask them to speak for themselves or speak for them. (IMPORTANT: If you are going to speak for another wrestler, ask for permission from that wrestler.) NPCs have alignments so try to stick as close as you can to those alignments if you are going to use them.


Isaac Murrock: Hey, I'm a commentator. Use me in your RP to commentate! I'm the face commentator. I'm always the color cyan and don't forget to bold!

"Rhino" Jesse Johnson: I'm a commentator too. I'm the heel commentator. I'm always the color red and bold as well.

Shaun Reks: I'm the interviewer. I'm neither face nor heel, I just want to ask my questions and get some answers. Use me when ever you want to have an interview. I'm the color olive and bold, like everyone else.

Paige White/Chad Monnett/Bobby Cole: We are the referees of RWC. Since we determine who wins in the ring, we will (almost) always remain impartial, favoring neither face or heel. If, for whatever reason, you need one of us to speak, we are the color white and bold.


Finally, you have to end your RP reasonably. Ex. (Wrestler) throws the mic away and shouts at the camera, the camera fades to black for a small commercial


It's good to pick a primary color for your wrestler and a secondary color. The secondary is used for when your primary is the same as a NPC or another wrestler. We want everyone to have their own color in RPs, that way it is clearer to see who is speaking.

Though it may not apply in the first season, there is a way around the "asking for permission to use other wrestlers" rule. If the person you are using is inactive(hasn't even registered to the forum or hasn't done a single RP{and has been here more than one season}), you can use them and make them do/say whatever you want. BUT, just to be clear, if they are an active member of the fed, you have to ask for permission. (I might make a list next season that names all the wrestlers that are "fair game")

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