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Promo Cut: Before Match Empty Promo Cut: Before Match

Post by TheCrowing on Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:36 am

Lights in the arena flicker then dim, as the cameras pan to what's going on backstage.

Shaun Reks: I'm back here with one of RWC's newest superstars Claudio "The Crowing" Lee. So Claudio what are your intentions here, and how are you feeling about your first night here in the RWC?

The Crowing tosses his head back followed up by running his hand through his hair to slick it back, before forcefully grabbing the mic in Shawn's hand and getting in his face.

The Crowing: May I have everybody's attention now?

The Crowing pauses, and stares Shawn deeply in the eyes before turning back at the camera and completely taking the mic away.

The Crowing: Well, lets just say I'm not happy with the way things are run around here. Definitely not happy with the management here. But you know what, that's just the type of thing I like. And my intentions, *scoffs* you'll find that out soon enough. Just remember in anyone elses hands this in a microphone, in mine, this is a call for redemption.

The Crowing looks back at Shawn and forcefully hands him the microphone before walking away.

The camera fades to black as the arena lights brighten back up. Then pans to the commentators.

Isaac Murrock: Well, strong yet interesting words from The Crowing, I wonder how is debt will be? Thoughts Rhino?

"Rhino" Jesse Johnson: All steam, and no power. What is he talking about redemption? It's his first night here, *scoffs* Quite frankly, he's as crazy as his face paint.

Camera fades to black as the commentators converse inaudibly and Jesse can be seen shaking his head briefly before the cameras cut.


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