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Spaca debut Empty Spaca debut

Post by Spaca on Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:19 pm

Spaca is seen backstage and notices a camera watching him so he begins to address the RWC fans

Spaca: Hello everyone, my name is Spaca, one of the newest wrestlers on the roster. Tonight I have my first match against The Game HHH. I promise everyone here that i win that match. I promise everyone here that i crush him like a bug. I promise everyone here that after our match, The Game HHH will be in hospital.

Spaca rubs his forehead indicating that he is thinking

Spaca: The Game HHH, i know that you can hear me, so listen to me. It is my debut tonight and I'm not gonna fail. I know that i will win, you don't have a chance. See you in the ring.

Spaca walks away from the camera and towards the locker room

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