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Post by The Kingpin on Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:33 am

A huge array of colourful fireworks makes the crowd gasp in awe as it ends with the letters RWC spelt using pyros

The Kingpin appears on the titantron from his office backstage

The Kingpin: Welcome ladies and gentleman to the 2nd ever RWC show and this night is, if anything, bigger and better than last week!

The crowd cheers

The Kingpin: Tonight we will witness the first title match on RWC and it will be for the Duke Of RWC Championship!!! Our 2 contenders are Extreme Beast and Teen Shock who defeated me last week

The crowd cheers knowing that The Kingpin is a legitimate heel

The Kingpin seems slightly offended but does his best not to show it

The Kingpin: Moving on...We will also have a tournament to see who will be a part of next weeks King Of The Ring Championship match. Wish them luck because they'll need it!

The screen fades to black as RWC heads to a commercial break

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