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Rappin' till the dawn Empty Rappin' till the dawn

Post by Spamzilla on Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:09 pm

Unfamiliar music is playing in the arena as the camera fades back to the ring. A tall, black, immensely fat man is in the ring with a microphone, getting ready to address the crowd. A normal size white guy in a t-shirt and white slacks stands next to him.

Spamzilla: Since this is my first night in Royal Wrestling Co. let me introduce myself. I am SPAMZILLA!

A small collection of Spamzilla's fans from the indies cheer, but most look at him as if to say, "You're who?"

Spamzilla: Y'all don't know me yet, but, that's ok. We're going to have some good times and we're gonna make some waves!

Spamzilla: I figured well, I could stand here in the ring and talk talk talk like everyone else does. But that's boring, right?

Some of the crowd begins to chant bor-ring, bor-ring...

Spamzilla: Right! So I thought why talk when I can rap it for you?

The smaller man starts beatboxing for Spamzilla with the crowd looking on in gawkstruck silence.

Spamzilla: Spamzilla is the name of the big man!
With the trainer John D by my side.
With the power and the size gonna punch you in the eye n' never losin' cuz I got too much pride.
Spamzilla's always gonna squash em.
Slammin' all his prey through the mat.
And Spamzilla won't stand for a man who tries to plan
Cuz Spamzilla's just got too much fat.
Spams' got his first foe when he gets to the ring and he thinks that he's a real sexy boy.
He can run and try to hide, but once he steps inside then he's gonna just be my new chew toy.
And all I gotta say to you wrestling fans,
Clap your hands,
All you all that came to see a thrilla,
If you call me boring then I'm gonna jump on you
Another beat'n from Spamzilla!

Spamzilla drops the microphone as the crowd cheers. John D collects the microphone and guides Spamzilla to a far corner, waiting the arrival of hbksexyboysexyboy for the match.

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