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Post by Spamzilla on Wed May 01, 2013 1:34 am

Wrestler Name: Spamzilla
Wrestler Nickname: Spam, Big Fatty
Wrestler Level: 11
Wrestler Type: Resistance
Wrestler Height: 6'6"
Wrestler Weight: 700 lbs
Wrestler Age: 22
Tag Team Partner in this fed: none
Tag Team Name in this fed: none
Willing to Tag: Sure
Faction Name in this fed: not yet
Wrestling Style: Rope-a-dope with a big finisher
Hometown: Charleston, SC
My RP Ability: Pretty solid
Face, Heel, or Tweener?: currently Face
Willingness to change: As long as it's not done lightly I'll play either Faces or Heels.

Description of each of your finishers:
Primary finisher - Spam Crusher (Direct Damage). Usually hits Mortal to Heroic.
Spamzilla hooks a leg and lifts the opponent vertically
and drops to a sitting position slamming the opponent down head first executing (whatever) Spam Crusher!!!

Secondary finisher - Spam Blam (Pinning). Usually hits Extraordinary to Invincible.
Spamzilla Irish Whips the opponent into the ropes
and levels the opponent with a monstrous lariat then goes for the cover executing (whatever) Spam Blam!!!

Trademarks: Modified Elbow Drop & Modified Sit Down Powerbomb (both temporary)
Taunt: Spam-A-Lot (Spamzilla smacks his own big butt and dances)

As a face, Spamzilla likes to have a lot of fun and entertain the crowd with raps, dancing, and the big smile on his face. He's trained under multiple styles of martial arts plus wrestling, including sumo, but he likes to have a good time above all. Spam is more of a comedic character when working as a face. As a heel, Spamzilla throws his weight around and his raps become more pointed and mean. Monster heel is an applicable description.

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