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Post by The Kingpin on Sat May 11, 2013 8:35 am

Camera goes backstage

A man is seen training on a punching bag. He says someday I will be the best wrestler. He is training with determination. He goes to the bed drinks some water and rests.............another man comes inside and shakes hands and they begin their conversation.

IRON MAN: Hey kid! What's your name?

Fury: Magnum Fury

IRON MAN:It's your debut today isn't it?


IRON MAN:Do you know who your match is with?

Fury:No. Being that said , do you know who my match is with?

IRON MAN hits Fury on the head

IRON MAN: Hell yeah! Its with me. See you in the ring rookie.

Fury is lying on the ground temporarily unconscious

Camera goes blank.

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