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Post by The Kingpin on Sun May 12, 2013 5:28 am

Fists of Wind is seen backstage talking to The Kingpin

FoW: Finally I am a world champion and its all because of me!

Kingpin: Yeah...but I influenced it a bit, so its about time you paid me back

FoW: What do you mean?

Kingpin: Well, lets just say I'm feeling a little light and maybe the tag titles can fix that

FoW adjusts the title on his shoulder

Kingpin: So to pay me and you are gonna enter the tag tournament that's starting next season and were going to win it!

FoW: Wow...a dual champ, sweet!

Kingpin: In terms of title defences your on your own so maybe not a dual champ

The men shake hands as the camera fades to black

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