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Post by Skyler on Mon May 13, 2013 10:43 am

Wrestler Name:Skyler
Wrestler Level:10
Wrestler Type:Technique
Wrestler Age:23
Wrestler Height:6'1"
Wrestler Weight:200 pounds
Finisher:One Hit Wonder
Taunt:Cut-Throat at Turnbuckle
Signatures:Overload(Ankle Lock)and Socko(mandible Claw)
Interested in : Inflicting Pain,Revenge,Titles
Biography: Born in the slums of Guatemela city, Skyler lived a troubled childhood and learned how to fight while still very young. He discovered his pleasure in others pain and went into rookie wrestling where he completely derstroyed each of his opponents.Willing to go to extreme lengths to make his opponents suffer, Skyler is one of the most brutal wrestlers of his time as well as one of the most cold-hearted


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