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Post by The Kingpin on Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:49 am

A humongous blast of pyro shoots up at the entrance stage. This is followed by a captivating fireworks display.

"Ridin Solo" by Jason Derulo starts playing through the arena as a man in a crown and cape emerges from backstage.

The Kingpin: First things first...WELCOME LADIES AND GENTLEMAN TO ROYAL WRESTLING FIRST EVER SHOW!!! Now we have a lot planned out for you guys like a tournament to decide the first ever King Of The Ring Champion but that kicks off next week. I'll be announcing different stuff throughout the show but first...lets officially kick off the season with our first match.

Isaac Murrock: Well ladies and gentleman, Im Isaac Murrock and let me just say how honoured I am to be...

'Rhino' Jesse Johnson: Oh shut it ya big pansy! Me and you are ultimately here for the same thing...MONEY!!!

Isaac: Speak for yourself. What about the rumours of our GM being a big egotistical villain who has terrorized rosters and run other companies into the ground.

Jesse: You mean BWF?

Isaac: Well if you wanna name it...yes.

Jesse: Lets just say he was eliminating the competition...and if that doesnt work remember he pays us and can and most probably FIRE us!!!

Isaac: Good point

The camera heads to the ring to signal the start of the next match

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