Tutorial 1: Roleplay Formatting

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Tutorial 1: Roleplay Formatting Empty Tutorial 1: Roleplay Formatting

Post by Spamzilla on Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:01 pm

Welcome everyone to the RWC! I'm Spamzilla, and in order to help you rp better and to make life easier for the management, I'm creating this handy set of guides for our wrestlers. In them you'll find all you need to know to become a major force in the fed and help RWC rise to the top. The first subject is how to properly format a roleplay.

1) As a wrestler rp writer, you are not expected to add the background image or location image to your RP. Just make sure that you have posted it in the appropriate location on the forumn and that you have mentioned somewhere in the rp where the scene is taking place.

2) Roleplays do not have to be in perfect English, but please make sure your spelling and grammar aren't so bad that no one can understand you.

3) Each line should include either a description of action, or one character's dialogue, but not both. Do not try to put dialogue and action, or dialogue from multiple characters, in the same line.

4) Lines should be separated by double spacing, as in this tutorial.

5) When a character is speaking, you should format his text as in a script, with the name, a colon, and then whatever he says (possibly with a short note regarding direction in parentheses). Choose a text color for your wrestler and stick to it. It is not necessary to boldface the character's name.

Good Example
Spamzilla: (sarcastically) Noooooo, it's EASY to roleplay all the time!

6) Action should not have a special color, but should be italicized instead.

7) Every effort should be made to avoid speaking out of character on a roleplay thread. If it absolutely can't be avoided (such as when coordinating with another wrestler on a multi-way rp), then out of character comments should be in parentheses, at the bottom of the post, with no special color.

Good Example
(OOC: Go ahead and finish up this rp. I said what I wanted to say already.)

Cool If you have any questions, PM me, GM Kingpin, or any VGM.

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