Tutorial 2: Roleplay expectations & ettiquette

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Tutorial 2: Roleplay expectations & ettiquette Empty Tutorial 2: Roleplay expectations & ettiquette

Post by Spamzilla on Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:57 pm

Here are some expectations and general rules for roleplays.

1) Generally speaking, you should create at least as many roleplays per season as the number of times your contract says you will be used in a season. So if your contract guarantees two appearances, then you should be a part of at least two rps. If you rp more, you stand an excellent chance to be used more than your minimum.

2) When rping, you should feel free to use any of the fed support characters, including announcers, backstage interviewers, and referees. You can also make up a non-competing associate for your wrestler (such as a manager, trainer, or girlfriend).

3) You should not RP for the GM, VGM, or any other active wrestler or their created associate without express permission. If you want to do a joint rp, you should coordinate over private messaging (PM).

4) If you do not RP for several shows, or do not even bother setting up your wrestler bio or forumn account, then you fall into inactive status. If you go inactive, the fed staff may rp for you, and may allow other wrestlers to RP for you as well. Wrestlers who go inactive without notice and a good reason often find their contracts terminated at the earliest opportunity.

5) If you are rping for someone else, make your best effort to keep their personality consistent with what has been established in the fed before. Also look up their RP dialogue color and use it. For the NPCs this is listed in another Tutorial.

6) Our show is on Mondays around noon server time (appx. 6 AM Eastern US). That means your roleplay should be done and finished no later than the time you go to bed on Sunday night because the RWC staff need time to incorporate it into the show.

7) Wrestlers should generally try to seek out their own feuds, with the basic premise run by Kingpin in PM before you begin. Matches on the card are generally not posted on the forumn before the show goes down, and wrestlers will usually not be notified that they are in a show.

Cool If you have any questions PM me, GM Kingpin, or any VGM

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