Tutorial 3: NPC dialogue colors and personalities

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Tutorial 3: NPC dialogue colors and personalities Empty Tutorial 3: NPC dialogue colors and personalities

Post by Spamzilla on Thu Jun 06, 2013 12:22 am

Isaac Murrock is the play-by-play announcer for RWC telecasts. He is a middle aged white male, with an upbeat personality. He generally shows slight favoritism to the babyface (good guy) wrestlers but will pretty much call it like he sees it. He is often exasperated with his broadcast partner but isn't actually mean to him. As the voice of RWC, his dialogue color is Green.

"Rhino" Jesse Johnson, another middle aged white man, is Murrock's color commentator partner in the broadcast booth. He is a former wrestler best known for his aggressive heel persona, in which he would do anything to win the match. That apprach continues in broadcasting, where he can also draw some laughs as a deadpan snarker. He is very predjudiced towards the heel (bad guy) wrestlers and is basically the opposite of Murrock so Rhino's color is Red.

Shaun Reks is the backstage interviewer. He is a young white man, sharply dressed, eager, and trying to be a professional as the only sane man in a house of half-crazy people. He's a new to the job but he's pretty insightful really, and will ask the tough questions. His color is Cyan.

There are also 3 referees.

Paige White is the first, a young, attractive female with long brunette hair. She is mentally strong, being put in a position of authority over men in the ring, assertive without being a complainer. Paige usually likes to stay out of the spotlight and just go about her business. Her color is violet.

Chad Monnett, the second referee, is a white man in his late 20s or early 30s. He keeps himself well groomed and is a little self absorbed and self important, but at the end of the day he's as fair as he can be. He is the only character with no color.

Bobby Cole, the third referee, is a black man about the same age as Monney. He is not afraid to jump between two bigger men and will establish his authority definitively. He also likes the spotlight of working as a ref in RWC. Like all RWC officials he is remarkably fair. Cole's color is Dark Red.

Any characters added in the future will be posted here later.

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