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The Silent Debut Empty The Silent Debut

Post by Akatsuki Pain on Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:59 pm

The screen turns black

A guitar pierces the silence

Words scroll up on the screen, and are sung

Unknown Singer: "Meet the sanity assassin
A trick of mind or the devil's whim"

Footage is shown of a young man, brawling, in a hardcore match in some boiler room somewhere

The guitar screeches again

Unknown Singer: "See the man with the empty soul
Never had a face or will of his own"

After a short pause, the song continues 

Unknown Singer: "And the sanity assassin
Is coming down in a stream of black
So he takes what he cannot live
The black leads the blind astray"

Now the video shows the same man, sitting cross legged on the floor of a bare room, staring at the camera

The music shuts off and the young man stares into the camera, silent

The screen goes back to black as the last three words scroll


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