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Post by Kageki Uzaki on Sat Jun 22, 2013 7:43 am

Wrestler Name:Kageki UZaki
Wrestler Level:2
Wrestler Type:Resistance
Wrestler Age:18
Wrestler Height:1 meter 85 cm
Wrestler Weight: 120 KG
Finisher:Eternum DDT Kageki Uzaki channels all the energy and rage in his body
and he grabs the opponents neck, and he falls backwards landing on his opponents head first executing Eternum Ddt

Taunt:None at the moment
Signatures: Modified Knee Stomp
Interested in : Testing his strength, attacking people for no reason, eating food, Wrestling
Biography: He grew up in the city of tokyo in japan.
His life there was tough, as he haves a disorder making him hungry all the time, causing him to be really obese.
Because of this, he got bullied all his life long making him hate humans.
As he grew older, he decided to learn to wrestle, and grew strength, making him a strong giant.

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