The appearance of the fatty

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The appearance of the fatty Empty The appearance of the fatty

Post by Kageki Uzaki on Sat Jun 22, 2013 8:05 am

The camera shows the arena, with nobody in the ring.

Suddenly, all the light turn off, and the song Shinedown - Bully starts playing through the speakers of the building.

The lights turn back on, and a wrestler starts walking to the ring with a mic inside his hand.

Isaac Murrock: "Well, i haven't seen this young man yet. He seems to be around the age of eighteen, ninteen, maybe twenty."

Jesse Johnson starts to laugh.

"Rhino" Jesse Johnson: "I have seen a lot of fat people... but this guy is so fat, if he went to an all you can eat restaurant, the restaurant would have to close down before he even finished his first meal."

Isaac Murrock: "Maybe we shouldn't judge him by his look, and wait until he speaks before we say anything."

The new wrestler climbs into the ring, and he sits down on the mat.

????: "Hello people in the arena, my name is Kageki Uzaki. I have come here to wrestle because i like it as a sport."

Kageki stands up, and looks angry.

Kageki Uzaki: (shouting) "This is how it would have went, if it wasn't because of people like that mean commentator over here."

Kageki Uzaki: (Talking normally again) "Yeah, you are fat. Yeah, you should lose weight. Hey fatty, catch this! Hey, don't you have to pay for 2 if you ride a bus, since you take up 2 seats?"

 Kageki Uzaki lets a tear out of his right eye.

Kageki Uzaki: (Shouting) "I am sick of everybody who keeps judging me, sick of all these people who think they are better just because they are fitter. I won't take it anymore, i had enough of it, now its my turn to wreak havoc! Its time for no limits... its time for true pain!"

Kageki Uzaki throws the microphone on the ground, and he leaves the ring walking out of the arena.

Isaac Murrock: "I guess you can say that was quite... interesting."

The camera fades out.

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