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Chaos Has Started! Empty Chaos Has Started!

Post by Chaos X on Fri Apr 19, 2013 2:53 am

The lights go out in the arena as a fire is lit at the entrance,there's a person standing there with a hood on,the hooded figure has a mic that he lifts up to his mouth

"Rhino" Jesse Johnson:Power outages? I blame Kingpin for this!

Issac Murdock:I guess you're just gonna blame him for everything huh?

???:So this is Royal Wrestling Co.,not too shabby,when I was invited to wrestle here I was surprised,I haven't wrestled for a company in a while,and considering my history with past feds,but regardless of my arguments to the GM he requested I still join,so I will give Kingpin exactly what he wants.

Issac Murdock:See?! It's a new superstar,nothing about Kingpin.

"Rhino" Jesse Johnson:I'll find someway to put this on him.

The hooded man starts to walk to another spot where torches are lit so the crowd can see him,it's a little further down the ramp,their seems to be some kind of symbol on the ground

Issac Murdock:Symbols? What's going on?

"Rhino" Jesse Johnson:Obviously someone who wants to make a impression and quite frankly he already has on me.

???:One thing he wants,it's talent,well believe me I have plenty of that,I'm definitely going to stand out,my clothes aren't so new like most of these wrestlers and my tactics of winning won't be the most pleasing.

The hooded man walks to another spot that's pretty close to the ring the torches light again,it's another symbol that nobody can make heads or tails out of

???:He wants attitude and I've never been the nicest person,well not since a time I will not tell you little fans,just know I have the attitude to be here which is why I am here,I can survive any and everything thrown at me.

The hooded man finally gets in the ring and claps his hands twice,all four corners light up,and another sign is shown

???:This sign is the only sign I'm going to tell you about,it's the sign of chaos,followers of this sign believes the world is better off chaotic then in the current form it's in,I live this sign,so much that it's marked on my heart.

The hooded figure takes off his robe to show his chest and sure enough the sign is inked on his heart,fans are rather disgusted by not just the mark but the mans overall body

???:And with this,the final thing I'm gonna give Kingpin,something he probably doesn't want but he will accept,something people can't see but they can feel,you can probably feel it now,it's chaos my dear souls,soon the age of chaos will rise and it'll be hard to deny,it'll be in this arena,in the fans,in the roster,and even in the GM himself,and I'm gonna spread this chaos because it's already alive I just have to lay the foundation and unlike these torches.

Issac Murdock: Wow..What statements,I wonder if he can keep them.

"Rhino" Jesse Johnson:I don't know if he can or not but I'm gonna keep watching because quite frankly,I'm a fan now! Now be quiet he's still talking.

The torches go out and there's darkness all over the arena

???:I will not go out... My name is Chaos X,and I am the King Of Chaos!!

Chaos X drops the mic and walks out of the arena with a silent arena

Issac Murdock:That's weird...

"Rhino" Jesse Johnson:What is it?

Issac Murdock:I feel like,even though he left,I feel like he's still here.

"Rhino" Jesse Johnson:That's what a good speech will do to you,he's definitely the best on the roster in my mind now.

Issac Murdock:I guess he's alright...

The screen fades to black

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