Shreshtho is impressed

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Shreshtho is impressed Empty Shreshtho is impressed

Post by The Kingpin on Mon Jun 03, 2013 12:13 pm

Shreshtho comes with a smile on his face in the ring and a mic in his hand

Shreshtho: Hello RWC fans!!!

Shreshtho: My opponent tonight is Overdrive Dragon

Crowd chants Ooo!

Shreshtho: I am pretty impressed with Overdrive's skills.

Shreshtho: I just can’t wait for my match. I may lose or he may lose, but we will find it in the tonight!

Suddenly Overdrive Dragon appears on the Titan Tron

Overdrive Dragon: I hope all of you can hear me! I will defeat Shreshtho and become a champion here in RWC!

Overdrive heads to the ring as the match is about to begin

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